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Job Profile
Faculty Engineering
Job Field Engineering Management
Job Title External Works Section Head
Employment Type
Rank Requested
Location Egypt
City Cairo
Residence Heliopolis
Salary Negotiable   / month
Transportation   / month
Benefits social , Medical insurance, bonus
Working hours From 0 To 0
Days off 0
Age From 0   To 0 Year(s)
Computer Skills
Years of experience Min 8   Max 12 Year(s)
Car Any
Woman's Veild Any
Job Description Study & review the project documents to assure the site conditions are complying with it.
1. Assure the site conditions are complying with the landscape project documents.
2. Review and acknowledge the landscape project objectives and develop detailed plans to achieve them (time, cost, cash flow, HSE plan, quality, procurement, mobilization, admin, security,.etc.)
3. Allocate and control human resources & non-human resources based on the project plans to achieve project objective.
4. Allocate and control resources based on the landscape project plans to assess the project performance.
5. Cascade the landscape project objectives and set SMART objectives to the project team.
6. Measure landscape project performance, compare results to objectives and take the required corrective/preventive action.
7. Maintain a sustainable relationship with the project stakeholders and provide them project reports as required
8. Prepare lessons learned annually to apply best practices in following years.
9. Sign subcontracts according to the company policies and procedures.
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