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Job Profile
Faculty Any
Job Field Training
Job Title Training Account Manager
Employment Type Full Time
Rank Requested
Location Egypt
City Cairo Great
Residence Maadi
Salary 20,000  / month
Transportation NA  / month
Benefits Social & medical insurance
Working hours From 9 To 5
Days off fri&sat
Age From 0   To 0 Year(s)
Spoken Languages Arabic -- Excellent
English -- Excellent
Computer Skills presentation and designing skills
Translation NA
Years of experience Min 4   Max 5 Year(s)
Car Not Required
Woman's Veild Not Required
Job Description • Reviews and validates the domain strategy/market requirements document (MRD) in light of new insights to ensure that domains are true to their vision. An MRD typically contains information on the product's vision, the competitive landscape, business analysis, and revenue opportunity, as well as a list of features or at least high-level feature categories.
• Evaluates learning interventions, within the domains of responsibility to maintain, grow or divest them as per the domain strategy, vision and our company ‘s value proposition. Learning interventions include, but are not limited to, seminars/webinars, ILT/vILT workshops, coaching and community of practice (COP) sessions.
• Executes on the domain’s road map by designing, developing, testing, and rolling out new features for existing learning interventions or new learning interventions. This includes, but is not limited to, the following activities:

A. Developing product requirements document (PRD): A PRD defines the requirements of a particular product, including its purpose, features, functionality, and behavior. It serves as a guide for to help build, launch, and market the product.
B. Acquiring new global IP and building a case for it.
C. Designing new learning interventions (seminars/webinars, ILTs/vILTs, self-paced, coaching, assessments, assignments & COP, etc.).
D. Developing all learning materials
E. Iterating on current learning interventions to get to the gold standard.:
i. Gather insights for development from SME and Master Facilitators through interviews and surveys.
ii. Creates a backlog of features to be developed, ordered in priority.
iii. Create a timeline for the development plan
F. Developing walkthroughs, demos, and marketing sessions as per the business need.
G. Providing marketing dept. with necessary information to produce marketing materials.
H. Certifying Master Facilitators.
I. Certifying Facilitators if need be.
J. Warrant the learning experience of the learning interventions through: i. Observing deliveries and evaluating them on a rubric:
ii. Interviewing learners post-delivery.
iii. Analyzing the feedback on learning interventions monthly.
iv. Interviewing Facilitators and Subject Matter Experts (SME) for insights if need be.
• Supports the Business Development team through:
a. Hosting product knowledge trainings.
b. Hosting development updates for pipeline awareness.
c. Attending sales meetings upon request.
d. Responding to product related questions.
• Connects with the global partners and their subsequent networks, within the domains of responsibility, to stay updated on developments and keep a healthy relationship.
• Manages projects as delegated by the Chief Product Officer. Projects include but are not limited to designing and producing new learning interventions as requested by customers, rolling out department processes and documentation.
• Hires and manages Senior/Product Specialists as per business needs to ensure continuity and stability across the domains.
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