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Job Profile
Faculty Any
Job Field Training
Job Title Domain Training Manager
Employment Type Full Time
Rank Requested
Location Egypt
City Cairo
Residence Maadi
Salary 26,012   / month
Transportation nA  / month
Benefits social and medical
Working hours From 9 To 5
Days off friday and Saturday
Age From 0   To 0 Year(s)
Spoken Languages English -- Excellent
Arabic -- Excellent
Computer Skills any
Translation any
Years of experience Min 3   Max 5 Year(s)
Car Not Required
Woman's Veild Not Required
Job Description • Reviews and validates the domain strategy/market requirements document (MRD) in light ‎of new insights to ensure that domains are true to their vision. An MRD typically contains ‎information on the product's vision, the competitive landscape, business analysis, and ‎revenue opportunity, as well as a list of features or at least high-level feature categories. ‎

• Evaluates learning interventions, within the domains of responsibility to maintain, grow or ‎divest them as per the domain strategy, vision and Brainquil ‘s value proposition. Learning ‎interventions include, but are not limited to, seminars/webinars, ILT/vILT workshops, ‎coaching and community of practice (COP) sessions. ‎

• Executes on the domain’s road map by designing, developing, testing, and rolling out new ‎features for existing learning interventions or new learning interventions. This includes, but ‎is not limited to, the following activities: ‎

A. Developing product requirements document (PRD): A PRD defines the requirements of a ‎particular product, including its purpose, features, functionality, and behavior. It serves as a ‎guide for to help build, launch, and market the product. ‎ ‎
B. Acquiring new global IP and building a case for it. ‎
C.‎ Designing new learning interventions (seminars/webinars, ILTs/vILTs, self-paced, coaching, ‎assessments, assignments & COP, etc.). ‎
D.‎ Developing all learning materials
E.‎ ‎ Iterating on current learning interventions to get to the gold standard.:‎
i.‎ Gather insights for development from SME and Master Facilitators through ‎interviews and surveys.‎
ii.‎ Creates a backlog of features to be developed, ordered in priority. ‎
iii.‎ Create a timeline for the development plan ‎
F.‎ ‎ Developing walkthroughs, demos, and marketing sessions as per the business need.‎
G.‎ ‎ Providing marketing dept. with necessary information to produce marketing materials. ‎
H.‎ ‎ Certifying Master Facilitators. ‎
I.‎ Certifying Facilitators if need be. ‎
J.‎ Warrant the learning experience of the learning interventions through: i. Observing ‎deliveries and evaluating them on a rubric:‎
ii. Interviewing learners post-delivery. ‎
iii. Analyzing the feedback on learning interventions monthly. ‎
iv. Interviewing Facilitators and Subject Matter Experts (SME) for insights if need be. ‎
• Supports the Business Development team through: ‎

a. Hosting product knowledge trainings. ‎ ‎
b. Hosting development updates for pipeline awareness. ‎ ‎
c. Attending sales meetings upon request. ‎ ‎
d. Responding to product related questions. ‎‎

• Connects with the global partners and their subsequent networks, within the domains of ‎responsibility, to stay updated on developments and keep a healthy relationship. ‎‎

• Manages projects as delegated by the Chief Product Officer. Projects include but are not ‎limited to designing and producing new learning interventions as requested by customers, ‎rolling out department processes and documentation. ‎‎

• Hires and manages Senior/Product Specialists as per business needs to ensure continuity ‎and stability across the domains. ‎
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