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Job Profile
Faculty Engineering
Job Field Mechanical Engineering
Job Title Mechanical Design Engineer
Employment Type Full Time
Rank Requested
Location Egypt
City Cairo
Residence Cairo-Suez Road
Salary 7000  / month
Transportation Transportation Provided  / month
Benefits Insurance social , life, medical
Working hours From 8 To 5
Days off 2 FRI & SAT
Age From 26   To 35 Year(s)
Spoken Languages English -- Very Good
Computer Skills Solid technical knoweldge in understanding of technical drawings. Very good experience of the different operations of sheet metal processing. Good communication skills with the team & the clients. Good organization skills.
Years of experience Min 2   Max 0 Year(s)
Car Any
Woman's Veild Any
Job Description Draw the part on Top Solid, or solid works specially the unfold drawings, copying the same dimensions as the customer drawing.
Compare (one by one) the computerized dimensions with the customer drawing
. Check manually some of the computerized bending data with his manual calculation. Programming:
After completing the drawing, the project leader shall save it in the computer and make a print.
The AMADA program is completed with the project leader then saved in a specific e-library with the file name (O xxx
) A specific sheet is printed and joined to the drawing. All together filed in production department.
Control process:
Create or modify the Control process with the right titles and references.
All dimensions to check are indicated on the customer drawing or on the different views of the company drawing.
Technical File:
In order to prepare a production file, transfer to production the following documents:
Company drawing
Copy of customer drawing
Punching program summary sheet
Control process (in PMI)
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