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Faculty Engineering & Technology
Job Field Computer Software
Job Title Software Engineer
Employment Type
Rank Requested
Residence Nasr City
Salary 3000-5000  / month
Working hours From 9 To 5
Days off Fri & Sat
Age From 0   To 0 Year(s)
Spoken Languages Arabic -- Excellent
English -- Very Good
Computer Skills
Years of experience Min 1   Max 3 Year(s)
Car Any
Woman's Veild Any
Job Description Set up operations to suit business requirements. 2. Determine the protocol and future and current equipment necessary to operate. 3. Install and operate operating systems. 4 - Maintenance of operating systems. 5 - Documentation of the operating systems for amendments thereto. 6 - Control and control the work of operating systems and software. 7 - Preparation of the study necessary to measure the effectiveness 8 - Modification of the operating plan commensurate with the requirements of the work. 9 - Provision of technical advisory service in the management of operating systems. 10 - Follow - up of faults on the operating systems with the relevant bodies for reform. 11. Analysis of emergency operations and supervision of the re-installation and operation of operational systems. 12. Develop procedures and ensure occupational safety and health requirements Formulation and testing of operating problems related to the use of hardware, databases and programming techniques Ensure data integrity and final output format - Maintains and adjusts programs / sites and makes the necessary modifications according to the data flow map and modifies changes in the way data is processed or encoded. - Testing and developing programming modifications. - Write the coding of new programs according to predefined specifications - Evaluate the internal relationships between the programs and determine whether the change in one of the parts will make an unnecessary change in the other parts related - Analyzes the performance of programs / sites and makes the decision to correct deficiencies based on user consultation and administrator approval - Discuss with the users of the programs / sites to reach the correct understanding of the required changes or modifications to existing programs / sites and answer the questions related to their uses, data entry, the format required for the output and the result of entries and controls - Write and develop reports about programs / sites. - Analyzes the programs of internal networks and servers and makes sure that they meet the requirements of the company - Ensures protection of information that is processed, stored or being handled. - Document the problems of programs / sites and record material that can be consulted in the future if problems recur - Helps employees in other departments to optimize the hardware and software of the company
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