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Job Profile
Faculty Commercial Studies (4 years)
Job Field Marketing
Job Title Marketing Representative
Employment Type Full Time
Rank Requested
Gender Male
Location Egypt
City Giza
Residence Giza
Salary 3000-3500  / month
Benefits bounce every quarter
Working hours From 9 To 5
Days off Saturday and Sunday
Age From 0   To 0 Year(s)
Spoken Languages Arabic -- Excellent
English -- Very Good
Computer Skills
Years of experience Min 1   Max 2 Year(s)
Car Any
Woman's Veild Any
Job Description Marketing research A marketing representative presents the public image of his company's products and services. He might do this by writing and presenting marketing materials at conferences, sending out press releases to media outlets, and overseeing social media marketing campaigns. The marketing representative also analyzes which characteristics of his products might appeal to particular demographic groups, and then makes sure that those groups are made aware of the products' benefits. Marketing Materials A marketing representative helps write and design company brochures, flyers, technical papers and newsletters. These promotional materials typically include information about a company's products and services, their benefits to customers, and where to find them. Each promotional item should reflect the company's image and highlight the aspects the company wants to promote. Promotional Activities In addition to promotional material, the marketing representative might organize promotional activities to raise awareness of the company's products. This typically includes hosting conferences or presentations for likely customers. For example, a company that makes toys might host product demonstrations for toy retailers and wholesalers. The marketing representative is responsible for organizing the event and contacting potential clients with all of the details. Market Research To make sure that promotions and public relations initiatives hit their mark, the marketing representative must determine the preferences and needs of his target markets. Market research might include surveys, customer questionnaires, analysis of customer service records, and customer retention and repeat rates. Based on this research, the marketing representative can determine which product characteristics are attractive for his target markets and focus his promotional efforts on those features.
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